• Simplicity

    Let your creativity flow while we take care of the rest.

  • Attention

    Sing, we are listening, ready to make the true record you are dreaming about!

  • Trust

    We will never let you down, client satisfaction is priority number one.

  • Flexibility

    We plan everything as much as we can, but changes are always possible.

  • Creativity

    Not only engineers but musicians, we are helping you make better music.

Welcome to Red Tape Recordings

Are you a singer songwriter, playing acoustic guitar or piano, and looking to produce your songs, but you do not have a band at your disposal? We provide full instrumentation and full production for your songs. No need for a band, for any instrument other than the one you are playing, or for recording gear or skills. Besides you will get the chance to record in a comfortable, professional and high-end environment.

At Red Tape we focus on the music, on your music, and we get the best out of it to make an awesome record. With your talent and our experience, we can do great things together, so let us do it!

What do we do?

Using a demo of your songs, we analyze them in depth, and give you suggestions and comments on the arrangement, helping you making the song even better that it already is. Then we meet and discuss about it to be sure we agree on the way your songs will be.


After agreement on the arrangement, we will play and record the whole instrumentation, adding drums, bass, guitar, piano, pads, harmonies, and anything else needed to enhance the song. Of course you are welcome to play your own instrument if you want :)

Voice recording

Then it is time to record your singing, something we think really matters! It is down to you to come in very good shape and mood, then we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, so that you give the best of yourself!


Cleaning up the tracks, comping the takes (performances), keeping only the best of each take, aligning the tracks, correcting the small imprecisions of the performance, and even tuning the voices if they are a bit off, that is what we call editing.


Mixing is the art of taking a bunch of recorded and edited tracks and to make them into a proper song. It is making the right balance of the instruments and their depth throughout the song, whether it is on the bass, middle or high frequencies.


To master a set of songs we use a different studio room than the one used for mixing, as well as a different pair of speakers and normally a different pair of ears. That way the mastering is fresh and independant from the mixing, pushing the quality of the songs to another level.

Who are we?
Red Tape Recordings
Simon Lasnier

Already involved in making a record at the age of 11, Simon made his own at the age of 14. Since then he has not stopped, recording everything that he could, until he finally founded Red Tape Recording in 2014. He is also a long time musician and knows much more than the technical stuff.

Red Tape Recordings
Edgar Upit

After being a musician for years, Edgar went into the engineering side of things, falling in love with it. From setting up the perfect mic position to the detailed EQ of your singing, this guy is an expert. Give him a song, he will make it magical. On top of that he is crazy with synths and will add to a song every sound it needs.

Red Tape Recordings
Buddy The Bear

In the studio, Buddy is your best friend. He will always be there for you, making you feel comfortable. He will even look at you with his dark angry eyes, when you play crap. Rumor has it you can hear him playing during the night...

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